Team spirit is one of our core values at HB Global. A team-first mentality is natural for most of our employee owners and it is evident in each of our five companies. When it becomes apparent and seamless on a national level it is worth touting.

Our southeastern NASH team was selected for a large design-build at Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama. Only a handful of contractors would even meet the pre-qualification for this project so being selected, itself, was celebratory. Our level of intra-company collaboration and our external partnerships allowed us to deliver first-class craftsmanship on time, even with a full workload of projects.

This undertaking in Huntsville, Alabama came when many of our construction job sites in Pennsylvania and Massachusetts were shutting down because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Concurrently, we were brimming with work in the Huntsville area with jobs at various stages of design. We needed help at a time when many of our northeastern employee owners were fraught with fear, uncertainty, and doubt.

NASH reached out for additional manpower on one of our daily COVID-19 leadership calls, the response was overwhelmingly positive. Within a few hours, numerous people from our northern sister companies were preparing to travel out of state, away from their families — for many weeks during a pandemic — to ensure this project was kept on schedule and completed with excellence. These fellow employee owners could easily have stayed home, but they displayed grit (another one of our other core values) and chose an inconvenient path to help the team.

The additional crews arrived and were able to swiftly dig in and get things done. A special thank you to Zachary, Roy, and Dakota from HB McClure who came in from Pennsylvania, and to Steven, Ryan C., Kelby, James W., Sean, and David A. who came in from the Florida NASH team. Additionally, we recognize and appreciate Ryan T., who agreed to relocate out of state for an entire year to lead and lend his invaluable expertise to help the team on this project.

It’s one thing to say team spirit is a core value you desire; it is another thing to witness it as part of the culture of your organization.