During the month of May, the construction industry pays special attention to the importance of safety in the workplace. Known as Safety in Construction week- the initiative changes its focus annually with a 7-day campaign including supplementary tools and resources for safety teams across the nation. National Safety Stand Down also takes place during this week. The goal of this initiative is to encourage safety teams to come together and discuss fall hazards, reinforcing the significance of fall prevention, along with reviewing their companies’ safety goals and policies. HB Global has always considered the safety of our people and operations a top priority within our organization. We want our employee owners to return home to their families the same way they left them. Executing projects in a timely and safe manner is our #1 focus!

Thank you to all divisions for taking time out to show us how to live HB’s Core Values and prioritizing safety amongst their teams! Check out the reel (to the right) of our employee owners during safety stand down week!