I wanted to take a few moments to draw attention to several Nash employee-owners who recently displayed a commendable amount of Trust, Team, and Grit. –Nash Plumbing and Mechanical’s Division Manager- Special Projects & Commercial Service, Jonathan Brokaw

Recently, we had a customer request our help in their recovery efforts in the Ft. Myers/Sanibel area. In response, last week we deployed four employee-owners to that hurricane disaster zone; Jimmy Owens (HVAC Service), Tyler Findley (HVAC Service), Yasser Terrero (Plumber), and Marco Sarmiento (Plumber). Since there were no hotel rooms in the area, the customer agreed to provide lodging for these guys in a local home. This particular house had been severely damaged on the ground floor by storm surge, however the 2nd level remained mostly intact. So for a week, Team Nash spent their nights in this house. For the first three days, they had no air conditioning until they were able to scrounge up and install a couple window units. The room that Mr. Owens was sleeping in had no windows, only sliding doors. It took an additional day for them to locate a free-standing portable air conditioner for his room.

For the entire week, Team Nash only had cold water available, even for showering. Food sources were minimum, the nearest restaurant being about 40 minutes away. Luckily, they had access to an operational Walmart somewhat closer.

These guys spent a week with minimum equipment and material support, working around mounds of trash and debris, and living in undesirable conditions while working long days helping restore plumbing services and conditioned air to our customers’ buildings. And what I found to be most impressive is that none of these four ever once complained to their supervisor or the home office. When I asked about their week in Ft. Myers/Sanibel and apologize about the less than desirable accommodations, the overwhelming sentiment was that seeing so many homes and businesses destroyed and so many people’s lives turned upside down, it made their short-term week-long conditions seem trivial. Complaining never crossed their minds. I believe these four employee-owners embodied the full and complete definition of GRIT during their week in Ft. Myers/Sanibel and they should be recognized for it.

It seems likely that over the next few months, we will continue to send teams down the Ft. Myers/Sanibel to aid in their recovery. Hopefully they too will personify our Core Values.