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Disclaimer: These communications are intended for the employees of HB Global. We recognize that the general public will have access. The views expressed in these communications represent Bob Whalen in the context of HB Global and may not apply to broader audiences.

Have you ever stopped to think about the impact that you’re making on your community each day? Chances are you probably haven’t, but you’d be surprised if you did.

At HB Global, we focus a lot on the impact that we have on each other by creating value that gets shared back to all employee owners.

However, we don’t talk a lot about the effect that we have on our communities because we don’t do it for the recognition. We do it because it’s who we are.

This month, we’re going to take a moment to acknowledge our significance within our communities to remind us that our purpose is bigger than ourselves or our to-do list.

The Impact Your Work Has

Whether you realize it or not, one of the primary ways that you impact your community is through the work that you do. At HB Global, we are supporting the industries and people that move our country, and our world, forward.

This is true no matter what your role is at the company. Whether you’re in the field, in the office, or somewhere in between, your work is crucial to each project and assignment. You are here for a reason, and the purpose and significance of your work is bigger than just a task on your to-do list.

Regardless of your expertise, the work you do is critical to build the future for generations to come.

Furthermore, by fully committing to your work and your customers each day, you are creating value for the organization. This value is then shared back to you while also enabling us to expand who we serve to continue this positive momentum.

Doing the Right Thing

You may not realize it, but you are also making a positive impact by being yourself. We hire people that do the right thing even when it’s hard. So if you’re here, we expect that you’re having a positive influence on your community through living our core values.

Doing the right thing spans beyond just your work and your team. It means doing the right thing for the customer, for the community, and for others that you may interact with during the course of your work.

We’ve seen heroic, even life-saving, acts of doing the right thing. And we definitely celebrate that. But you will most often leave your mark in the form of small deeds that add up every day. This might look like:

  • Asking a customer how their day is going.
  • Going the extra mile for a task or project.
  • Understanding why a small detail is so important.

Doing the right thing has a ripple effect throughout your team and the community. It inspires others to do the same thing, and it may just be the boost that someone needed in their day.

Our Impact through Acquisitions

One way that we make and expand our positive impact is through the acquisitions we complete. When we acquire a new division, we are not looking to squeeze as much cash as we possibly can out of it. We simply expect that the new division meets the same level of performance that they were before the acquisition.

This is because what is most important to us when completing the acquisition is that employees of the newly acquired division are taken care of in the long-term and the short-term. We also ensure prior to the acquisition that the company aligns with our existing culture and values at HB Global.

So while we don’t ignore the financial aspects of any acquisition, our main goal is to take care of the people and the legacy of the division being acquired while also creating additional value to be shared with our existing employee owners.

Acquisitions also allow us to expand our reach of who we serve, which then empowers us to have a positive effect on more people and communities.

Our Local Impact through Giving Back

Our impact on our communities would not be complete without talking about the ways we give back through charity and the other organizations we support.

We’re not going to talk about specific causes we support because how we give back is unique to each community we serve. We empower our divisions to support philanthropic activities specific to their customers in their community, rather than providing directives at the HB Global level. You actually may not even realize the extent of the causes we support because the giving is so diversified based on each community.

Our impact through giving back is not just limited to charity. We also advance future generations through our support of ESOP organizations. We know that we are not just another ESOP; we want to help other ESOPs grow and be successful so that more value can be created and shared with employees working so hard each day.

So next time you may feel like it’s just another day punching the clock, think about the influence you have on those around you, both in the long-term and in the short-term. At HB Global, we are privileged to be in a position to have such a significant role in what moves our country, and world, forward. Let’s make sure we’re always giving our best to that.

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