hb mcclure grit

Showing Grit Through Some Deep Conditions

HB McClure had a recent difficult project this past quarter. The team worked on a site that was a 20′ deep sewer pit for over 3 weeks. They had to be hoisted down into the work site. Two pump trucks were needed upstream of the pit as wastewater was still flowing. Pictured to the left, Shannon Spotts and Ryan Kunkel having some fun in light of tougher work conditions. It shows them in chest waders which they wore when mounting the pump base, pumps, and piping for close to 10 hours. Thank you to all of our employee owners, in the office and field, who made this project a reality: Zach Boyer, Tyler Doran, Todd Courtright, Shannon Spotts, Ryan Kunkel, Matt Hogan, Luke Wolfe, Kevin Sauble, John Nye, Eric Hedenberg, Donovan Steele, Dan Sauble, Dalton Mattus, Cliff Roden, Chris Renoll.


What a great example of Team and Grit, thank you!