IT Landes

IT Landes joined our ESOP family of businesses in 2014. Since 1929, IT Landes has been known for its professional, dependable and affordable services to the commercial and residential markets, providing heating, cooling and plumbing service and installation. Serving Montgomery and Bucks counties in Pennsylvania, IT Landes installs and services the industry’s leading and most technologically advanced brands for traditional high-efficiency, reliable central heating, air conditioning and whole-house systems.

“IT Landes is a 4th generation family-run business, founded in 1929. We looked to merge with HB McClure because of their strong reputation as a leading mechanical contractor in the region and because of their employee-owned [ESOP] culture. Mike and I felt this was our best way to transition out of an ownership role and reward our current staff. In addition, HB McClure’s commitment to deliver superior customer service is a perfect fit with our business philosophy and culture.”

Chris Landes , President, IT Landes