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HB Global Core Values

Living Our Core Values

At HB Global, we believe in living the core values of People, Trust, Team Spirit, Growth, Grit, and Excellence. By allowing these core values to guide our actions and decision making, they become part of who we are and help our divisions build reputations of trust and respect with clients.


We highly value and respect the people who make up our company, and we make every effort to provide opportunities for personal and professional growth and to create a rewarding career.


Trust plays an important part in everything we do. It’s the foundation upon which this company was built. Trust is also something we ask of each other without using words. Trust happens when we know our teammates have our backs.

Team Spirit

It’s not just about our strength as individuals. It’s about our strength as a team—working together to complete a project and accomplish a goal. The only way for us to meet our maximum potential is to work as a team.


We are constantly striving to become more than what we are, to become better, and becoming better requires us to change and grow. When we grow as a company, we enjoy greater strength in numbers to meet client demands, and we receive more opportunities to learn as part of a rewarding career.


Our company is built on people who demonstrate courage, passion, perseverance, and the ability to get things done. We believe in and embrace the hard work and long-term commitments that are necessary to achieve our desired level of success.


We are committed to being the best version of ourselves, doing the best work, following the best practices for safety, and having the best company. We don’t begin at excellence. We arrive at excellence after trying over and over again to be better.

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